Corona Times in Ghana: Resilience - the long road from strength to strength

Thursday, March 18, 2021

In these persistently difficult times, it is a great challenge for all of us to be strong.

In their struggle for survival on the streets, street children are exposed to very difficult, often hostile situations. It is therefore all the more important that we build supportive relationships with them that strengthen their confidence, their zest for life and their readiness for a better future.

Our staff play a central role in this. They must be emotionally strong themselves – because the fates of the children do not leave them unmoved. On the one hand, they should quickly become confidants and convey love and security; on the other hand, they should be able to let go later and still strengthen the children's ties with their family members and their tribal communities in the longer term. This is not easy!

At the beginning of January, four professors from the PHZH (Zurich University of Teacher Education) offered selected staff members virtual training on topics such as resilience and media communication. In addition, Tijani from the NGO Muslim Family Counseling Services conducted a three-day course with our street workers. Both trainings have helped and strengthened us a lot!

The number of street children increased in 2020. To this end, we have trained three young women and five young men to become "Street Champions". They follow the situation of street children and are in close contact with our street workers. It is important that as many children as possible quickly find their way back to their families and to school. This requires very close cooperation with social work authorities, families and relevant teachers in the schools.

The expansion of our work in Kumasi and Tamale is progressing very well. We are grateful for the excellent collaboration with our local partners.

Starting this year, in association with companies and experts, we will accompany young people in their vocational training, so that they learn a profession with which they can improve their quality of life in the longer term.

It is very important to us to do our best to ensure that the children, the staff and we as an entire organisation are resilient and go forward strengthened.

Report by Daniela Rüdisüli, Founder and Executive Director of CFC

Accra, March 2021

Translation: Lynn Hegi

Image: CFC

Review 2020

  • In 2020, we were able to support a total of 1550 STREET CHILDREN, 69 YOUNG ADULTS AND MORE THAN 250 FAMILIES THROUGH DIFFERENT PROGRAMMES.
  • More than 50 children were reintegrated into their families and 7 young adults cmpleted an apprenticeship or secondary school.
  • 44 children were prevented from running away from home through the efforts of our social workers and in cooperation with local authorities. They were accompanied and supported in their family environment.
  • In Kumasi and Tamale, residents in two communities benefited from 32 workshops on hygiene, health, child development and children's rights.
  • More than 50,000 meals were distributed to street children. At the same time, we conducted 12 workshops in which the currently mandatory hygiene protocols were demonstrated.